Woman in India shields her children from moving train after falling onto track; all three live

  • A woman and her two children in India miraculously lived after a train went over them at a railway station in the eastern state of Bihar.
  • Videos of the incident on Saturday (Dec 24) showed the woman crouched over her children on the railway tracks as the train sped through the stop.
  • All three escaped without a scratch, news agency NDTV reported, citing officials.
  • According to NDTV, the woman and her children were at Bihar’s Barh Railway Station to join the Vikramshila Express – a train service that connects Bhagalpur, a city in Bihar, to the capital of New Delhi – with her family.
  • However, the woman and her two children were pushed off the station and fell onto the tracks when a large group of passengers rushed to board the train.
  • In the film, after the speeding train left the station, frantic passengers raced to save the three of them, pulling them back onto the platform.
  • Local officials also said the woman’s husband, who was separated from his family, jumped from the train and ran back to the stop.

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