Steven Yeun Reportedly Exits Marvel’s Thunderbolts

In 2025, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s sixth phase will finally kick off with some intriguing theatrical releases. Following the highly anticipated “Fantastic Four,” fans can look forward to “Thunderbolts,” which puts the focus on a ragtag group of anti-heroes as they come together for a currently unknown mission under unknown circumstances. In the months since the film was announced, rumors spread online that the Marvel Comics staple, Sentry, would make his debut in the feature, allegedly as the film’s main antagonist.

Thus, the topic of Sentry’s casting arose all over social media in short order. Eventually, the idea that “The Walking Dead” and “Beef” star Steven Yeun had signed on to the part became increasingly prevalent and seemed all but official. However, at no point did Marvel Studios or Disney ever announce Yeun’s casting, and it’s now being reported that he has left “Thunderbolts.” This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, with sources revealing to the newspaper that Yeun is out for unspecified reasons. However, Deadline cites scheduling conflicts as the main reasoning as “Thunderbolts” faced delays due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

While it’s too bad that Yeun may not be making his MCU debut — at least via “Thunderbolts” — in the near future, at least fans can continue to enjoy his work in another, much different superhero show.

Yeun is still involved in the world of comic adaptations via Invincible

If Sentry is indeed important to “Thunderbolts,” it will be interesting to see who is officially cast as the immensely powerful Marvel hero. Surely, had Steven Yeun stuck with the part, assuming Marvel Studios brought him on at all, he would’ve done an excellent job. After all, it’s not like Yeun is a stranger to the world of comic book versions. Not only did he play Glenn Rhee on AMC’s long-running version of Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead,” but he’s turning in great work as a voice actor on “Invincible.”

Debuting back in 2021, “Invincible” brings Kirkman’s Image Comics book to life in vibrant and often brutal animation. Yeun stars as the titular superhero — real name Mark Grayson — who has all the tools to become a great hero but has to work on getting them all together. Along the way, he’s guided by and clashes with his alien father, Nolan “Omni-Man” Grayson (J.K. Simmons), and meets various other heroes and villains. Yeun reprised the role for Season 2, with the first four episodes getting critical acclaim.

It would’ve been cool to see how Steven Yeun handled Sentry, but such a performance doesn’t seem to be in the cards. At least fans of the actor can look forward to seeing where his “Invincible” journey will go next, especially since Mark now has to worry about many so many more Viltrumites – Viltrumites who make Omni-Man look like Bob Ross.

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