Xgimi launches its brightest projector yet, hides another inside a ceiling lamp

Xgimi launches its brightest projector yet, puts another inside a ceiling lamp

Xgimi has two new projectors for the US: its best ever 4K smart projector and a 3-in-1 unit that’s also a ceiling light and Bluetooth speaker. Both long-throw screens run Google TV.

Xgimi says its 4K Horizon Max can produce 3,100 ISO lumens from its “Dual Light 2.0” laser and LED combination light source. It’s worth noting, however, that Xgimi has admitted to overstating brightness scores by as much as 27 percent in the past — something it fixed only after facing a lawsuit from Epson.

Its brightness, combined with the projector’s reported contrast (2000:1), DTS audio support, and color accuracy, earned the Horizon Max an IMAX Enhanced certification. That means it can play IMAX Enhanced content from Disney Plus and other streaming services.

Otherwise, the Horizon Max, like other modern smart projectors, can automatically find the best spot on the wall to project its image, while adding a new feature that saves settings for specific walls. The so-called Intelligent Screen Adaptation (v5.0) tech can remember your game settings when pointed at one wall and transition to movie settings when pointed at your other wall.

The Aladdin is a new ceiling light projector from Xgimi based on old IP it acquired after buying Japan’s Popin. In fact, Xgimi’s Aladdin looks to be specced the same as Popin’s current Aladdin 2 Plus, which lists for ¥129,800 (about $897). It attaches directly to the light socket already installed in your ceiling to make a 1080P (1920 x 1080) image of up to 100 inches. The integrated lamp can be controlled directly from the projector’s remote control or through the Xgimi app, but it’s not compatible with Matter or any other smart home apps. It produces 360-degree sound from built-in Harman Kardon speakers, which can also be used when the projector lamp is turned off, too.

Both projectors make the jump from Android TV to Google TV, which has the bonus of allowing Netflix to work out of the box. Installing Netflix onto Android TV-based smart projectors (which is most of them) usually requires sideloading the popular app from some oddball site due to Netflix’s onerous licencing process — something most people aren’t comfortable with.

Xgimi isn’t giving final prices or exact release dates for either of today’s projectors. It does say that the Horizon Max will cost less than $3,000 and is expected to ship in “late 2024,” while detailed specs, pricing, and availability of the Xgimi Aladdin “will be announced at a later date.”

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