Unidentified object enters Poland from direction of Ukraine, says Polish army

WARSAW, Dec 29 (Reuters) – An unidentified aerial object entered the airspace of NATO-member Poland from the direction of Ukraine on Friday, Polish officials said, as Russia launched one of its biggest attacks overnight in Ukraine since the launch of its invasion.

“In the morning, an unidentified aerial object entered the airspace … and from the moment it crossed the border until the signal disappeared, it was observed by the radars of the country’s air defence system,” the Operational Command said on social media platform X.

“In accordance with applicable procedures, the operational commander of the armed forces mobilized the available forces and resources at his disposal.”

Private broadcaster TV Republika had reported that a search for the object was going near the town of Hrubieszow in southern Poland. Reuters was unable to quickly confirm this information.

“We received information that an object appeared on the radar near Hrubieszow,” Krzysztof Komorski, governor of the Lublin region said on X. “We have no confirmation that it fell within our region.”

Russia targeted Ukraine with 158 drones and missiles overnight, aiming for vital infrastructure, industry and military facilities, the Ukrainian military said.

A stray Ukrainian missile struck the Polish village of Przewodow in southern Poland in November 2022 in an event that raised fears of the war in Ukraine spilling over the border.

In April, a military object was found in a forest close to the village of Zamosc near the northern city of Bydgoszcz. It was later reported to be a Russian rocket.

Polish officials said emergency services, including police and volunteer army units, were scouring the area but it was unclear whether the object had landed on Polish soil. There were no reports of deaths.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk was set to meet with army and security services chiefs around midday local time (1100 GMT).

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