UK warns of deteriorating security

UK warns of deteriorating security in Red Sea, Royal Navy ship joins mission

  • LONDON: Britain warned that the security situation in the Red Sea was deteriorating and ballistic missile and drone attacks were an increased threat, as it agreed for a Royal Navy Destroyer to join a US-led operation to protect trade in the region.
  • The United States said earlier on Tuesday (Dec 19) it was setting up a task force of ships to protect shipping in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, key trade routes, to protect shipping from the rising number of attacks launched by Houthis in Yemen.
  • Britain’s Ministry of Defence said on Tuesday that HMS Diamond, which shot down a suspected drone in the Red Sea on Saturday, would join the US-led international taskforce, as it warned of the rising danger levels.
  • “These illegal attacks are an unacceptable threat to the global economy, undermining regional security and are threatening to drive up fuel prices,” Britain’s defence minister Grant Shapps said in the statement.
  • “This is an international problem that requires an international solution.”
  • Britain said that alongside HMS Diamond the task force currently includes three US ships, and a French warship is in the region. They are working in the Southern Red Sea, focused on protecting freedom of navigation, international trade and human life by countering illicit non-state actors in international waters

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