Timothee Chalamet says he’s open to a Wonka sequel

Timothee Chalamet would be open to a sequel for Wonka. The 27-year old Chalamet is open to returning for a sequel.

Timothee Chalamet is open to a Wonka sequel

In Paul King’s smash musical, he plays a young Willy Wonka. The story tells of the character’s origins from Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

Chalamet thinks there’s plenty to tell about his character, the chocolate inventor. He believes a sequel is in order.

When asked about a possible sequel, he replied to Entertainment Tonight that “if there was a tale to be told.” “And evidently, there is.”

In the 1971 remake of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Gene Wilder played Wonka.

Dune’s star, said: “Something twisty happens.” I don’t understand how this all began and ended – I have no idea what the story was.

King says the story can end where it is. However, he is also interested in seeing what happens in Wonka’s world.

“We wanted to create a film with a beginning and middle that didn’t make you feel like you’ve only seen a quarter of a story.” The film is unique.

“It is set 25 years before Willy Wonka’s factory, but as you said, it’s 25 more years and there are many things that will happen to him.”

Recent comments from him to Total Film magazine revealed: “I definitely would like to do more.” I would like to spend even more time on this planet.

“Dahl wanted to take on Willy Wonka. There are drafts of the story that never got published, and a short piece. He never wrote sequels but this book was where he felt he had more to give.

Wonka stars Hugh Grant as well as Rowan Atkinson, Matt Lucas and Rowh Grant.

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