This adorable Atari 400 is the latest mini-console.

There are still some adorable gadgets that have games. The 400 Mini by Plaion and Retro Games Ltd is a good example. This is exactly what you think it is — a smaller version of the Atari 400. Like its predecessors, it also comes pre-loaded with games.

This adorable Atari 400 year latest mini He .

The console also has five USB ports, so you can connect joysticks, keyboards, or sideload games, as well as connecting to other devices. It also features five USB ports, so that you can attach joysticks and keyboards to the console as well as play sideloaded games. There is also an HDMI port for connecting this yellow piece of plastic to modern televisions.

The 400 Mini includes 25 games that span Atari’s 8 bit era. Berzerk, Millipede Miner 2049er M.U.L.E. and Star Raiders II are among the games included. These games are also equipped with some modern conveniences such as the ability to rewind action and have multiple save slots.

Retro Games released miniaturized version of Amiga 500 Commodore 64 and last year Atari launched a newer version of the 2600 with cartridge support. If you’re interested in the blocky 400, preorders are now open. It will be available on March 28th at a price of $119.99.

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