The X iPhone app added passwordless logins with passkeys

X is now supporting passkey log-ins on iPhones and iPads, giving members access to the security feature regardless of their “Premium” status. Generating a passkey for X allows users to totally skip entering a password when they log in to their accounts and instead rely on the device’s security (with Face ID, Touch ID, or your device’s passcode).

The X iPhone app added passwordless logins :

For now, passkeys are only available in the US, and X hasn’t revealed when it’s rolling out the login technology on Android, for PC operating systems, or in other countries. Also, X’s rollout of passkeys doesn’t seem to be complete yet (some users reported still not having access as of Tuesday night on the East Coast), so don’t worry if the feature hasn’t popped up yet.

Passkeys tie your account’s security to the security of your device by generating two cryptographic keys, with one saved on X and another one locally, like a very secure “remember this device” system. X is the latest big tech company to enable passkey technology, joining the company of Google, PayPal, Microsoft, Nintendo, and others in allowing passwordless logins.

What are passkeys?
Passkeys can replace traditional passwords with your device’s own authentication ways. That way, you can sign in to Gmail, PayPal, or iCloud just by activating Face ID on your iPhone, your Android phone’s fingerprint reader, or with Windows Hello on a PC.

Built on WebAuthn (or Web Authentication) tech, two different keys are generated when you make a passkey: one stored by the website or service where your account is and a private key stored on the device you use to verify your identity.

Of course, if passkeys are saved on your device, what happens if it gets broken or lost? Since passkeys work across multiple devices, you may have a backup handy. Many services that allow passkeys will also reauthenticate to your phone number or email address or to a hardware security key, if you have one.

Apple’s and Google’s password vaults already support passkeys, and so do password managers like 1Password and Dashlane. 1Password has also made an online directory listing services that allow users to sign in using a passkey.

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