The Frame has become such a hit that Samsung is making a speaker version

Samsung’s The Frame TV has found huge success in recent years because it blends into the home in a way that’s much more aesthetically pleasing than the drab black rectangles you get from conventional TVs. With customizable bezels (including stylish wood options), a matte screen, and a huge collection of renowned artwork that shows on The Frame’s display when it’s idle, it pulls off convincing double duty as a design piece. It has become the TV for people who don’t want their TV to look like a piece of technology.

For 2024, Samsung is extending The Frame name with the new Music Frame. This version isn’t actually a TV at all; it’s a music box. It’s fair to think of it as Samsung’s version of the Sonos / Ikea Symfonisk frame speaker. There’s a physical print on the front; Samsung says this will be changeable when orders go live. (And yes, you’ll be able to use the Music Frame for surround sound music if you pony up for any of Samsung’s brand-new 2024 TVs like that anti-glare OLED.)

“This customizable speaker seamlessly blends into its environment by camouflaging as a modern picture frame that can display art or photography,” Samsung’s press release says. “It features built-in woofers along with intelligent audio processing for a premium audio experience. Using Q-Symphony technology, it provides surround sound when paired with 2024 Samsung TVs and soundbars or can work as a standalone wireless speaker.”

The company hasn’t yet shared price information for the Music Frame — the Sonos / Ikea frame speaker costs $259.99 — but I’d expect Samsung’s new speaker to start shipping alongside the rest of the new TV and home theater lineup beginning in the spring.

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