Cruise wasn’t hiding the pedestrian-dragging video from regulators — it just had bad internet

Cruise wasn’t hiding the pedestrian

Cruise, the self-driving car subsidiary of General Motors, tried to send a 45-second video to regulators of an incident in which one of its driverless cars dragged a pedestrian 20 feet but was hampered by “internet connectivity issues,” according to a report compiled by a law firm investigating the incident. The law firm, Quinn Emanuel … Read more

Microsoft Teams now supports 3D and VR meetings

supports 3D and VR meetings

Microsoft is starting its immersive 3D meetings inside Microsoft Teams today. Microsoft Mesh, the company’s mixed reality platform, is coming out of preview and being integrated into Teams to let people meet in virtual spaces with or without a VR headset. I got to try out Mesh inside Microsoft Teams late last year, and it … Read more