Next week, the first two Golden Sun titles will be available on Nintendo Switch Online

Next week, two classic Game Boy Advance role playing games will be available on the Nintendo Switch: Golden Sun from 2001 and Golden Sun The Lost Age from 2002. The games are either available on the 17th of January according to a tweet , or on the 16th according this press statement. This confusion is likely due to time zone differences. We’ve asked Nintendo for clarification. The games will be included in a Nintendo Switch Online and Expansion Pack subscription, regardless of when they are relea

Nintendo Switch Online :

Since Golden Sunwas announced as part of Nintendo’s original announcement regarding Game Boy games being added to its subscription service, we knew at least one of the games would be coming to Switch. It’s taken about a year to see the fruits of that tease. Nintendo’s press release explains the games in detail.

From the small village of Vale, to the mystic peaks of Mt. The Golden Sun Aleph game sends Isaac, Garet Ivan, and Mia, four young magic-wielding heroes, on a quest. They must stop the ancient power Alchemy being unleashed in their world, Weyard. They face clever enemies, puzzles, and epic challenges as they travel through towns, caverns, and dungeons. They are aided by mysterious creatures called Djinn who help the heroes to harness their Psynergy in order to unleash powerful spells and unstoppable attack.”

The Golden Sun: The Lost Age video game is a direct sequel to Golden Sun. The story follows Felix, a young Adept who was the antagonist in the first game, on his quest to prove Alchemy, which had been portrayed as destructive, could actually save Weyard. The Adepts Jenna, Sheba, and the wise scholar Kraden are forced to accompany Felix on his quest. They struggle to keep Felix focused as they face powerful and enigmatic challenges.

Nintendo Lifenotes should be able to support the multiplayer mode. Nintendo’s Japanese site suggests that you will be able to transfer data between two games using either an emulated cable or a passwor

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