Microsoft’s Copilot Pro is a new AI-powered Office feature that everyone can use

Microsoft launched its AI powered Office features in November for businesses, but only two months later it is offering them to consumers. Copilot Pro, a new $20 subscription, will give users access to AI features in Office apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, along with priority access to OpenAI models, and the ability build their own Copilot GPT.

Microsoft’s Copilot Pro is a new AI-powered Office feature :

If you already have a Microsoft 365 Personal subscription or Home subscription, the $20 extra per month (per user) will unlock Copilot for Office apps on Mac OS, Windows and iPad. The features include the ability for users to create entire PowerPoint slideshows using a chatbot interface, as well as inline Copilot experiences within Word that rephrase sentences, generate text and summarize documents. Copilot is also available in, which will help you create new emails, or reply to existing ones. A preview version of the software in Excel allows you to generate graphs and analyze data.

The majority of features available for businesses in the last couple of months are now available to consumers. However, the ability to call Copilot and have it generate a PowerPoint presentation based on Word documents is not available. This functionality is not available yet because the consumer version does not use Microsoft’s Graph Technology.

Copilot Pro includes Office integration as well as access to the latest OpenAI Models, the Image Creator (formerly Bing Image Creater) and the ability build your own Copilot GPT.

You can subscribe to Copilot Pro if you are not a Microsoft 365 Subscriber to gain priority access to GPT-4 turbo within Copilot. Soon, you’ll be able to switch between models and get faster performance at peak times. Copilot Pro will improve the image creation process using OpenAI DALL-E models with improved image quality and a new landscape format. Copilot GPT Builder will be included in the subscription, allowing you to create your own Copilot GPT. This is similar to Version launched last year for businesses.

Microsoft’s new Copilot Pro subscription is targeted at Copilot power users in the same way OpenAI offers ChatGPT subscriptions with priority access to the latest models. In a conversation with the Verge, Divya Kumar, global head for marketing at Microsoft’s search and AI, said that there is a high demand from power users. They want quicker access to new models, faster performance and creativity tools.

Power users will be tempted by these Copilot Pro features, but to access any Office-related Copilot feature on the web or in Office apps, you must also subscribe to Microsoft 365 Personal. These Copilot Pro features are also available in Windows, Mac, and mobile apps. More Copilot Pro features are on their way, just as Microsoft has improved Copilot (formerly Bing Chat), over the last year.

Copilot Pro enables AI-powered features in a bunch of Office apps. Image: Microsoft

The AI bombardment that Microsoft has been launching in recent months is Kumar’s metaphor. It’s already adding a lot of functionality and features on top of Copilot… We want to keep bringing an additional premium value, and we will start doing that very soon.”

Microsoft has also opened up Copilot for Microsoft 365 to more businesses. Microsoft has removed the 300-seat limit for large enterprise users. Microsoft will now allow most business customers to sign up for $30 per user per month. You can read more about this right here.

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