Mediacorp artiste Jernelle Oh had to recreate her engagement photos because the photographer was late

Mediacorp artiste Jernelle Oh had to recreate her engagement pictures because the photographer was late

  • Wedding bells are ringing for yet another local star. Mediacorp star Jernelle Oh, 29, took to Instagram on Tuesday (Dec 19) to share pictures of her wedding proposal, which happened at Japan’s Oishi Park last month.
  • Speaking to 8world in an interview, Jernelle revealed that the proposal took place on Nov 8, but she only recently found time to pick out photos and share about the special moment on social media. She has been busy in Taiwan shooting upcoming drama, Love On A Shoestring.
  • Jernelle had an idea that the proposal was going to happen beforehand.
  • She told 8world: “I’ve known my boyfriend for quite a long time, so there aren’t many secrets between us. If (one of us) were to prepare a surprise, it would be found out very quickly. I had an idea that the proposal was going to happen in Japan, but I didn’t know which day or place.”
  • She also had a very clever idea to surprise her now-fiance during the proposal.
  • In a JustSwipeLah conversation with her pal Juin Teh, Jernelle said: “Two to three years ago, we saw a video of a woman proposing to her boyfriend with a huge ring. I thought it was very funny, and I wanted to do it too. I already bought the ring then to standby in case he proposed to me at any time.”
  • Since Jernelle was clued in on the upcoming proposal, she brought the ring along with her to Japan, and got on one knee right after saying “Yes” or, in her case, “Okay”.
  • As with many proposals, Jernelle’s boyfriend had paid a photographer to capture the moment. Unfortunately, said photographer was slow.
  • “The photographer was a little late, so my boyfriend decided to propose to me first, and take some photos later on,” she recalled.
  • “So the most special moment was not (captured)?” asked Juin.
  • With a laugh, Jernelle replied: “No, we reenacted it in the end.”
  • Thankfully, her boyfriend had set up a camera to record the proposal, so the couple can at least look back at the real moment whenever they want.
  • According to Jernelle, she never had the goal of keeping her relationship a secret.
  • “When I just joined showbiz, I was still posting things about him. However, he started feeling very shy after I appeared in more shows. I said okay, and I seldom posted things connected to him.”
  • As for the wedding, Jernelle does not have plans to throw a grand celebration.
  • “I’m not particular about holding a wedding. If I were to have a wedding, it would only be for our families,” she shared.

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