Marvel Rumor: Lady Deadpool is coming to the MCU. Here’s who might play her

The production of is unable to keep a lid off the rumors. A new rumor has surfaced regarding a character who will cross paths with Logan (Hugh Jackman), and Wade (Ryan Reynolds). According to Daniel Richtman’s post, the Earth-3010 variant Wanda Wilson aka Lady Deadpool will join the titular hero who loves red pants.

Lady Deadpool is a female version Deadpool that debuted in “Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7” in 2010. She’s not saner or more intelligent than the Deadpool we know. She shares the same powers with Wade. Her only flaw is that she’s annoying. This makes her a difficult superhero to work with. They’re all Deadpools.

This rumor is true if it’s true. It means that another member of Deadpool Corps will be formed in November. Previous revelations have suggested that “Deadpool 3”, may already have found a megastar for the role.

Is Taylor Swift playing Lady Deadpool?

At an NFL game held in October, the consensus was that Alison Blaire aka Dazzler, the mutant rockstar, would be taking on the role she has been waiting to play for years. It was even more pronounced when Ryan Reynolds said to the in November: “Yeah I’ve heard it.” It’s great. It shows how eager people are for a glimpse behind the curtain. “On July 26, we will reveal all of these secrets, spoilers and other details.”

Even though scooper posted on X (formerly Twitter) that Swift was playing herself in “Deadpool 3”, not all rumors from the account have come true. This is why it’s possible that Swift could play Lady Deadpool if her appearance is confirmed. There’s another choice for the role that would be perfect for the meta-related madness of “Deadpool”, and would likely lead to more “Green Lanterns” jokes.

Blake Lively would make a great Wanda Wilson in Deadpool 3

The chemistry would be perfect, but don’t forget that Lively is no stranger to action films. She has appeared in “The Shallows”, as well as the overlooked spy thriller, “The Rhythm Section.” Who better than Reynolds’ wife to play opposite him? It’s like John Krasinski & Emily Blunt from “A Quiet Place,” but louder, and with more f-bombs.

That’s only if Wanda Wilson appears at all. It’s impossible to predict how much swords, guns and madcap chaos will make it into the sequel despite the many photos that continue to appear from the set. Reynolds is right, we will have to wait to see if the rumors are true when “Deadpool 3,” which arrives in cinemas on July 26, prove to be accurate.

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