Joe Rogan Mic Arms Podcasting Set Up & Equipment

Joe Rogan Mic Arms Podcasting Set Up & Equipment

What podcasting gear is used on the Joe Rogan Mic Arms Podcast?

If you are a fan of all things podcasts, odds that you’re familiar to The Joe Rogan Mic Arms, one of the podcasting industry’s longest-running and most well-known. The Joe Rogan Mic Arms podcasts have established the standard in the field of the way to build an extremely successful brand of podcasts and remain relevant for a long time. The JRE brand just signed an exclusive contract with Spotify with a value of over $100 million. This is in line with the JRE’s move of its Los Angeles studio (the one with the brick walls as the background) and moving to a new location in Austin and some modifications in the setup for podcasting.

It’s possible that you be enticed to go to Joe’s website and get setup to begin your own podcast when you watched an episode. Joe made it appear simple on every episode. Also, a large part of what is what makes Joe Rogan Mic Arms podcasts distinctive is the video component that is included in his interviews. While the majority of podcasts are in audio format and audio, the JRE can also let you view the interview. The visual aspect lets those who like to watch non-verbal clues in a conversation rather than simply hearing an interview.

In the event that this might be the type of setup that you’re thinking about using for your podcasts or if you’re just looking to learn how to do it from an best in the industry podcasters, here’s a complete list of the equipment JRE uses to produce their show. JRE team uses to make the show.


Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone dailyfar

A high-quality microphone is necessary for recording in any setup. It’s therefore essential to select one that’s to record conversations. Joe Rogan’s microphone option can be described as that of the Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone. It’s similar to the selection of other broadcasters and podcasters that are professional. The model was specifically designed to record speech thanks to its flat, broad-band frequency response. With the built-in pop filters, you do not require any additional protections against excessive breathing while the mic is placed close to your or your interviewee’s mouth.

There were a few occasions where Joe needed to record from his studio in these instances, and to record the microphone he used was the Blue Yeti USB microphone. The capabilities of this mic can do are truly amazing. It comes with a built-in preamp as well as an analog-to digital converter. It includes a jack for headsets, volume control and a microphone gain control. It is also worth noting that the microphone comes with four patterns modes including cardioid, bidirectional omnidirectional and stereo. All you need to connect is it into your laptop’s or computer’s USB port and that’s all there is to it! The features listed above make Blue Yeti Blue Yeti a fairly popular USB microphone for beginner podcasters and Vloggers.

Joe Rogan Microphone Arms

In addition, Joe Rogan Microphone Arms make your podcast studio setup look professional, but it also has numerous practical advantages. An arm for your microphone, which is also called boom stands, frees the clutter off your desk and allows the perfect position of your microphones to record audio. The old studio used an Yellowtec microphone, also known as a Standard Mic Arm, while the latest Austin studio utilizes the Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desktop Mic Boom Stand (3000 series). The Gator Frameworks’ boom stand comes with 360-degree rotation, which can be easily fixed to desks or similar surfaces. It also comes with an integrated microphone cable of 10 feet concealed inside the.


The use of headphones lets you listen to audio and monitor levels in real-time throughout recording, which is why it’s crucial to find an excellent pair that are comfortable and do not let sound out. Joe Rogan Mic Arms uses the Sennheiser HD280PRO headphones, which are a closed-back style that covers the ear and blocks audio leaks that are well-protected. The headband and earpads are comfortable enough to wear for long, long recording sessions. The audio cord and padding is easily swapped out that increases the durability of the headphone. In addition the popular.\

Headphone Amplifier

With the help of a headphone amplifier you can connect several headphones, while you and your guests are able to separately regulate and alter their volume. The JRE setup utilizes the Behringer PowerPLAY HA8000. It has two distinct main inputs as well as eight stereo headphone amplifiers in one rack, with the ability to control volume. If you don’t need as many channels, Behringer offers smaller four-channel and six-channel headphone amplifiers.

Podcast Unit

You may have seen the tiny Joe Rogan Mic Arms black device that appears from the table during certain JRE episodes. It’s a great device called an audio unit. It’s designed to offer an easy access to connections for headsets, HDMI as well as USB in the course of an interview. The model Joe employs comes with that of the Altinex’s Podcast Tilt ‘N Plug Jr. (TNP130), and it includes headphones, a control knob for volume, HDMI and USB ports as well as a cough button. A cough button can temporarily stop any recording or transmission when held and can be useful when guests or you feel the sound of a cough (or sneeze) is coming. This is often being utilized for live recording studios, where broadcasting is delayed for a couple of seconds to avoid any offensive or sloppy words from appearing to air.


Consider your mixer in terms of the main part of a recording set-up. While it’s not an essential device to own however, it can definitely enhance the quality of your audio and allow you to manage the different audio inputs from one location. It is utilized in the majority of live radio broadcasting setups since it allows you to combine multiple audio sources into a single audio recording. At present, Joe Rogan Mic Arms uses the Behringer XENYX 1222USB mixer in the brand Austin studio. Austin studio. It features four stereo inputs with six microphone inputs, four compressors, microphone preamps as well as an integrated USB audio interface for connecting to your computer or laptop. It also has an integrated FX processor that has 16 editable presets that include reverb, chorus flanger, delay, multi-effects, pitch shifter tap function, and storable user parameters to explore.

Audio Interface

In simple words the term “audio interface” means the device you’ll need to transfer audio into and out from your computer or laptop that you edit using an audio editing program. It’s typically utilized to connect to microphones and musical instruments. Although the mixer the JRE utilizes has an integrated audio device, JRE producers Young Jamie utilizes a separate Universal Audio Apollo FireWire audio interface. It is compatible with Mac as well as Windows and features built-in quad-core processors to aid in reducing the CPU burden. It also has four microphone preamps that allow for tracking via emulations of preamps. It can be used to perform real-time audio processing that has near-zero latency, which is ideal to cut and edit footage on the spot. It’s also easy to connect musical instruments when you have musicians as guests on your show.

Digital Audio Recorder

Digital audio recorders can be described as an portable recording studio in simple terms. It’s ideal for recording sessions outside of your studio’s main setup. For instance, if you’re recording vox pops in the streets, receiving comments at a press event or recording an interview off-site or any other scenario where you need recording equipment available to go. The device is also a great backup recording devices for the event that your laptop computer goes down. The JRE team utilizes the TASCAM DR100mkII two-channel portable Digital Recorder that has the XLR microphone inputs, 3.5mm line inputs from the mixer’s main output and an S/PDIF stereo digital input. It can be powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries AAA batteries, or with an AC adapter.

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Final words

Although the equipment he is using is top-of-the-line, professional-grade equipment which may not be cost-effective for all Don’t let that stop you from pursuing. A variety of cheaper options available on the marketplace can be adequate for what you’re trying to achieve. It’s not required to have the tools that is listed above to get your podcast running. Everyone starts somewhere, so you should start with your financial capabilities. It’s good to have goals and when looking at Joe Rogan Mic Arms set-up for podcasting you can definitely think about it and eventually achieve it in the future.

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