Jerome Dillon Will Produce and Compose the

Jerome Dillon Will Produce and Compose the Film Score for His First Original Screenplay ‘Bluebell’

  • Jerome Dillon, a former drummer of Nine Inch Nails, is set to produce and compose the score for his first original screenplay, named “Bluebell,” with Knight Shamrock Productions.
  • The thriller follows a young Midwestern woman who disappears in 1987 after a horrific event and resurfaces two years later in the company of cruel cutthroats.
  • “Knight Shamrock is a perfect fit for “Bluebell.” There’s a commitment to the project on all levels that is beyond anything I could’ve hoped for,” said Dillon.
  • The former drummer-turned-screenwriter has served as a music composer on several films, including “Bully,” which got a nomination at the Venice Film Festival and two wins at the Stockholm Film Festival, “The Collector” and “No One Lives,” starring Luke Evans. He played drums, and rarely guitar, for Nine Inch Nails from 1999–2005.

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