Türkiye strongly condemns

Israel’s raid on Jenin is strongly condemned by Turkey, which calls for responsibility.

  • Türkiye’s foreign ministry said that they strongly condemn what they call “provocations” by Israeli forces during raids on a refugee camp in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin and the desecration of a mosque there. They want those guilty to be punished.
  • In the raids in Jenin, Israeli troops killed a teenager in a hospital and led Jewish prayers at a mosque. The Palestinian government said the raids killed 12 people, and Israel said they helped take dozens of militants.
  • Israeli troops stormed the Jenin Refugee Camp and disrespected a place of worship by going into the mosque, which is something we strongly condemn,” spokesman Oncu Keceli said on the social messaging app X late Thursday night (Dec. 14).
  • “In East Jerusalem and the West Bank, where tensions are running extremely high due to settler terror and heavy pressure and attacks by Israeli security forces against Palestinians, we expect attacks on Muslim holy places to be ended immediately and those who perpetrate these provocations to be punished in the most severe way,” he said.
  • It was called a “dangerous escalation” by the Palestinian government, and they said in a statement that the fact that some Israeli troops desecrated the mosque made religious tensions worse. The Israeli army said it would punish the troops.
  • Turkey, which wants to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after decades of fighting, has strongly criticised Israel for its attacks on Gaza and the West Bank, calling the Israeli settlers there “terrorists.”
  • A ceasefire has been called for right away, and backing for Israel from the West has been criticised.

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