how to turn on developer mode in chatbot

How to Turn on Developer Mode in CHATBOT – A Step-by-Step Guide

how to turn on developer mode in chatbot : By configuring developer mode, you can access a wide range of advanced capabilities and functionalities, which will allow you to personalize and control your chatbot, and take Software Development to the next level. This guide will explain how to enable chatbot developers mode and its benefits. Let’s get started!

Did you know?

Around 74% of internet users prefer using chatbots to find answers to simple questions.

Chatbot developer mode gives developers more control over a chatbot’s behaviour and features. Developers can customize chatbot responses, change the conversation flow and integrate the bot with other APIs or systems. The developer mode is a separate area where developers can test and improve chatbot performance.


The chatbot mode is enabled by a simple procedure that varies slightly depending on which chatbot development tool you are using. Here’s a guide on how to enable chatbot developer mode.

1. Access Your CHATBOT Development Website

Login to your website or chatbot development platform using your login details. It could be a software platform or web-based platform.

2. Find the Developer Mode Settings

Navigate to the preferences or settings section of your website for chatbot development once you are logged in. Search for options such as developer mode or advanced setting. This menu allows you to activate developer mode.

  • how to turn on developer mode in chatbot
  • USB Debugging: The USB debugging option allows a device to communicate via USB with a computer for the purpose of debugging.
  • Network Debugging: Developer Mode settings provide tools for debugging networks, including monitoring network requests and inspecting headers. They also simulate different network conditions.
  • Performance profiling: Developer modes includes tools to profile the performance of software or applications.
  • Customization at the system level: Developer modes settings allow you to customize different aspects of your software or device.
  • Firmware modification: In certain cases, the developer mode settings allow developers to modify a device’s firmware or operating system.

3. Activate Developer Mode

To turn on the Developer Mode, look for a toggle or button under. Click it to activate developer mode for your Chatbot.

4. Access and Customize Developer Tools

You’ll have access to many customization options and development tools when you activate the developer mode. These tools can include capabilities like modifying dialogue flow, integrating APIs and changing replies. Explore the different options for upgrading and modifying the software.


Save your work after you have made all the necessary edits and tweaks. If you are in developer mode, the platform that allows for chatbot creation may have a button or an option to publish or deploy your customized chatbot.

6. Test and iterate

Test your chatbot frequently in the development mode to make sure it is working as expected. You can use the testing and debugging features to find and fix any errors or inconsistencies. Change your chatbot’s responses and behaviour to improve its performance.

BENEFITS of using the CHATBOT Developer Mode

Chatbot Developer Mode can help developers in various ways:


Developer Mode allows developers to customize their model to suit the needs of the application. This includes developing conversational chatbots, creating content or making suggestions based on domain.


  • Modifying Responses: Developers are able to modify chatbot responses in order to match specific requirements or desired behavior.
  • Controlling biases: Developer mode allows the adjustment of biases in the chatbot system. Developers can adjust their opinions, preferences, and tone to suit the target audience of an application.
  • Personalizing Personality Developer Mode allows developers to customize the personality of the chatbot, whether they want it to be friendly, professional, funny, or in any other style.
  • Custom Content Creation: Developers are able to design the chatbot so that it generates content aligned with the application objectives.

2. Enhanced Functionality

You can enhance your chatbot beyond its basic functions by using the developer mode. Connect it to APIs or databases of third parties to perform operations like real-time data gathering, booking creation and payment processing, among other things. This opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to building dynamic and effective chatbots.


The Developer Mode allows you to test your chatbot thoroughly and debug it. Simulate user interactions to ensure the bot is providing accurate and relevant data. Identify any errors and fine-tune its responses. You can improve the performance of your chatbot by using this iterative approach.


  • Error handling and detection:By actively interacting with the chatbot, developers can observe its behaviour and detect any errors.
  • Logging & Analysis:The developer mode typically offers logging and analysis capabilities. This allows developers to capture the chatbot interaction.
  • Create test scenarios: Developer Mode allows developers to create specific test situations in order to evaluate the behaviour of the chatbot.
  • Testing APIs and integration: Chatbots frequently interact with APIs or external systems to fetch data. The Developer Mode allows you to simulate the responses of these systems in order to test integrations.


Developers are often required to integrate existing systems, platforms, or applications with chatbots. You can connect your chatbot with customer support platforms and CRM systems. E-commerce platforms and other tools are also easily automated by using developer mode.


By enabling developer mode, you can customize your chatbot’s behaviour, gain access to advanced features and integrate it with other systems. Activating developer mode allows you to customize the chatbot for your application, add functionality via APIs and other third-party services and thoroughly test its performance. Developers can create chatbot experiences which are highly customized and meet their project requirements.

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