Eurostar services resume as cause of flooded tunnel probed

Eurostar service resumes as the cause of the flooded tunnel is investigated

LONDON – Eurostar warns customers traveling from London to the UK on Sunday, December 31st of possible delays due to the cancellation of Saturday trains.

The first Eurostar train left London St Pancras International just after 8am.

It was reported that engineers had managed to control the water levels in two tunnels located in Kent, southern England. This means at least one of these tunnels is now usable.

Eurostar warned that there would be “speed restrictions in place the morning, which could lead to delays. Stations are expected to be extremely busy.”

The company offers services between London and Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam.

The announcement was made late on Saturday night, after it was estimated that over 30,000 people had been affected by last-minute cancellations.

St Pancras was left with stranded travellers on the continent of Europe, while those in St Pancras scrambled for hotel rooms or made alternative travel arrangements.

A spokesman from HS1, the company that runs the route between London, England and the Channel Tunnel in France, confirmed the flooding had been resolved and that “the HS1 will be operational the next morning”.

We understand the frustration of passengers and apologize for any inconveniences caused during such a crucial time of year.

The company did not reveal what caused the flooding that began Friday night, when water filled tunnels near Ebbsfleet International station in Kent and blocked the high-speed railway line.

A spokesman confirmed that the cause of flooding would be investigated. However, he added that no evidence had been found to support the claim made by the water company earlier this year.

In the footage shot in the tunnel, water was seen gushing out of a pipe submerging tracks.

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