Apple Watch drops blood oxygen

Apple Watch removes blood oxygen features in order to avoid the import ban

Apple Watch Series 9 devices and Watch Ultra 2 are about to lose the blood oxygen feature. Apple has not responded to our comment request or released a statement. However, both 9to5Mac and Bloomberg report that the blood oxygen feature is about to disappear.

Apple Watch removes blood oxygen features :

Apple Watch Series 9 as well as Watch Ultra 2 have been banned from the US since late last year due to a patent dispute between Masimo, a medical device manufacturer. The International Trade Commission ruled the blood oxygen sensors of both devices violated patents owned by Masimo.

Apple removed the Watch Series 9 & Watch Ultra 2 from both its physical stores and online store in the days leading up to the ban that went into effect December 26th 2023. Their disappearance did not last. Apple appealed the decision and gained a temporary pause to the watch ban. allowed it to resume US sales as it waited until the US Customs and Border Protection assessed its changes.

Apple has been scrambling to change the watches to avoid Masimo patents. Customs was given the task of determining if the company’s changes were sufficient. According to a correspondence from Masimo’s lawyers , published by 9to5Mac, all parties seemed to be in agreement on the new plan.

Email sent to TheVerge by Matt Whewell of Masimo stated that Apple’s claim about its new watch not having pulse oximetry was a step in the right direction.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports as well that modified watches were already shipped to Apple retail store, but the stores are instructed to not sell them until they hear from corporate.

Apple spokesperson Nikki Rothberg confirmed to  via email that Apple Watch Series 9 & Ultra 2 will continue to have the feature. She did not specify how long this would last. It’s not clear what this all means for Apple Watch users and potential owners.

You might want to check carefully the notes before you apply any updates to your Apple Watch. And maybe hold off on buying a new Apple Watch, if you really need the blood oxygen feature.

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