America is on the brink in the first trailer for Alex Garland’s Civil War

The movie stars Kirsten Dust and will be released in theaters spring 2024.

Alex Garland’s next film looks to be an action-packed dystopia. A24 has released the first trailer of Civil War. The film is set in an alternate future version of the US, where there is a violent civil conflict, and forces from Texas, California, and other states are advancing towards the White House. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, but it shows a group of people trying to sneak into a heavily-fortified Washington DC. The tagline, “all empires will fall,” is also featured. This means that things aren’t going well.

Civil War features Kirsten Dunst as well as Wagner Moura, Cassandra Spaeny and Stephen McKinley Henderson. Nick Offerman plays the president, with Sonoya Mzuno, a frequent Garland collaborator, playing Sonoya. Garland’s previous work includes Ex Machina and the FX series Devs. He also adapted Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation. He is both the writer and director of Civil War.

The movie is set to be released on April 26th.

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